SpineWhat is a vertebral subluxation?

A subluxation is a misalignment or biomechanical malfunction of the vertebrae of the spine. Simply speaking, it is lack of motion or a “fixation” of the bones of the spine, which may cause aberrant nerve function.

What is a spinal adjustment?

The doctor of Chiropractic will apply specific movements to spinal joints to promote optimal function of the nervous system. The adjustment can be performed with the doctor’s hands or a special instrument. This is by far the most important part of your care.

Are all patients’ spines corrected the same way?

Each patient has an individual case and is evaluated and given recommendations according to the condition of their spine, age, size and their personal health goals. The doctor has years of training and experience and will determine the patient’s treatment plan to correct their spine and address their specific health care needs.

How should I feel after an adjustment?

Typically patients feel significantly better after getting adjusted. A minority of patients feel the same or may experience minor soreness following the first few adjustments. If soreness does occur, it is typically due to lack of motion, tight musculature in surrounding areas, or in some cases advanced nerve involvement in the area that is in need of spinal correction

Can children or the elderly receive chiropractic care?

Absolutely!  Chiropractic care is advantageous for all ages. To prevent conditions, or maintain them from progressing, it is recommended to have regular chiropractic care. Your nervous system is the most important system in your body, getting it checked early in life and maintaining it throughout life is essential for optimum health.

Can Chiropractic care benefit me if I have osteoporosis or have had back surgery?

Yes, we use a variety of techniques and instruments that we can use to treat delicate areas and specific spinal conditions such as these. The doctor will determine what kind of treatment you need based on your exam findings.

After a surgery the area affected may develop scar tissue or deterioration of tissue, which in turn can affect the other areas of the spine.  This may or may not cause pain, however it is important to keep spinal segments above and below functioning properly to prevent subsequent issues.

Will my insurance cover chiropractic care?

There are many different insurance companies and policies for chiropractic care. Your chiropractic recommendations are not based on your insurance coverage alone. The doctor will make recommendations based on your specific exam findings and what you need as a patient to obtain health.

Your plan will be based on your policy as well as your health condition. We strive to make care affordable for you and your entire family with or without insurance coverage, as we realize most policies have a limit on what they will pay. We will offer you a number of payment options to best suit your budget.