I came into the office complaining of lower back/hip pain and headaches. Dr. Zac from the beginning listened to what was bothering me. After my first visit I felt relief and as the weeks went on I felt even better. Different issues would pop up throughout our visits (slept wrong, pulled muscle during yoga, etc) and Dr. Zac always took the time to figure out what was exactly wrong and helped to relieve my pain.

– Alyssa S.

I was in a car accident and hurt my cervical spine 14 years ago. I couldn’t even bend over to pick something off the ground because of the painful pressure in my neck and head. I had severe muscle spasms in my shoulder/neck, it was so painful it would drop me to the floor! The pain was the worst thing I’ve ever had to endure- every day for 14 years. I tried other chiropractic care and physical therapy. I had active release therapy and did home exercises. I was prescribed pain medication and given botox injections and nothing worked.  The severe pain cost me my job, I couldn’t sit at my desk without being in tears from the pain.  Dr. Jena was able to guide my spine back into its correct position after 2 adjustments! I feel great, thanks to Dr. Jena, no one else could do what she did in such a short amount of time.

– Kristine B.

I came in barely able to walk. I had injured my low back lifting my son and daughter. I started seeing Dr. Zac three times per week and by the second adjustment, I was walking without pain. Within a month, I was using full range of motion. Four months later, I have resumed all activities, including workouts and heavy lifting at work. My core is much stronger!

– Levi C.

I had lower back spasms and herniated discs, I have had pain for the past 18 years. I felt paralyzed when it was at its worst and couldn’t walk. It was so painful- I felt helpless. I tried physical therapy, I went to the Illinois Back Institute and other chiropractors. They could never fix the issue, so I had to use muscle relaxers, pain meds and ice. I’ve had to call off work several times when it was painful to move. Working out, play basketball and jogging were out of the question! I even had to cancel family functions because of the pain. I have had great results so far. I haven’t had a muscle spasm in 7 months! I have less pain, more energy and can do the things I love to do… and am much happier! If I had any questions Dr. Jena took the time to thoroughly answer them. She took the time to come up with a plan for my situation and its working! I never thought I would fell this much better! I have been coming for over a year now and I’m glad I stuck with it!

– Vinny V.

I came in and sought treatment from Dr. Zac for severe neck and back pain. Pain was present for over 2 months prior to seeing Dr. Zac. With Dr. Zac’s attention and care, I was able to move my neck with little to no pain after only a few sessions. With Dr. Zac’s treatment plan, I was able to sleep better at night and be aware of my posture throughout the day. Since seeking treatment for my neck and back pain, I have not experienced such pain since. Dr. Zac treated me with care, provided education and respect while making the whole process comfortable. Thank you Dr. Zac!

– Mary Kate B.

I had severe pain in my shoulders that radiated into both arms. It caused severe pain and weakness in my hands. I had body aches all over! The pain was the worst at night, it kept me awake all night. The pain started 6 months ago in March of 2013. I did physical therapy all summer with no results. I went to medical doctors, they ran labs, took x-rays and all they could do was give me pain meds. I took pain meds every day and nothing changed! I couldn’t exercise or grip anything. I couldn’t even golf or bike anymore. I didn’t want night time to come because I would be up all night in pain. I became very frustrated and didn’t feel like myself. My neighbor was a patient and recommended I go. Now, I have no pain! I am able to sleep through the whole night! My hands are stronger, I am able to do all the thing I used to. I am taking half the dose of pain meds as I was before and hope to be off all of them soon! I came into the office terrified but after meeting Dr. Jena I felt very comfortable. I was well taken care of and felt everyone really cared about me.

– Nancy R.

I originally came into see Dr. Zac with abnormal blood pressure, hoping with some adjustments in my neck, pressure could be relieved from certain nerves. After one or two appointments my blood pressure started to drop. Now almost two months later my blood pressure has returned to an acceptable rate thanks to the help of Dr. Zac!

– Gavin S.

I was bucked off a horse 5 years ago & since then my lower back/neck was always in pain, working all day on a computer didn’t help either. I never thought I had a problem with my bowels, I figured it was normal to go twice a week. My neck & back would hurt at work, while I was sitting, walking the dogs, sleeping & riding my horse were so painful… I want to ride again. I tried prescription drugs a lot, they would hide the pain for a bit, but no long enough and the side effects were awful. I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, several different chiropractors. I just finally gave up and told myself it’s a part of life. It was hard, I am a very up beat person and couldn’t do the physical activities that I love to do. My social life was being destroyed by these long term injuries.  The pain got so bad it started going down my leg and my IBS got worse. I was always a positive person… but I was changing. Less than 2 weeks I started to change what I ate and have been getting adjusted, I was feeling great! After 12 weeks I am able to do Zumba with no pain, walk my dogs and run & play. I am full of energy, feel I can do anything. OMG no more abdominal pain and finally regular!  I feel like pounds have been removed from my abdominal area. I stopped using all my prescriptions meds, my immune system is so much better. I can’t wait to go horseback riding again. I am forever grateful, thank you Dr. Jena for being such an awesome and caring doctor and willing to work with my fear of being adjusted.

– Debbie B.

I came to Dr. Zac with dizziness, headaches and neck pain. Within a month I had major relief. Within a couple of months all my issues were relieved and I felt like a new person. He gave me a wonderful chiropractic experience and I would suggest chiropractic to anyone because of Dr. Zac!

– Beth M.

I had low back pain for several years.  It was difficult to get out of bed in the morning and get going. I had tried pain relievers and some exercise but nothing was helping. It affected how I slept and how I woke up in the morning. My wife has been a patient for months and finally got me to come in to get checked. I no longer have back pain, I sleep better & wake up feeling great! I have no pain and increased energy. I have also started eating better under Dr. Jena’s nutritional plan and have lost 40 pounds in 3.5 months! I feel really good! I was skeptical about starting but I did it! The results came every quickly and it wasn’t hard to stick to it after I started. I feel Dr. Jena genuinely cares about our health.

– George S.

I realized I had to do something when the pain in my neck became so severe that my life was impacted adversely in many aspects, even in getting the rest I needed to help my muscles relax. I went for a consult to the chiropractor and they found that the curvature of my neck was basically inverted. By means of adjustments, massages and various vibrating machines I went from excruciating pain to very low pain in a matter of a couple of months. I am now almost completely pain free, and I am armed with exercises I can do to keep things that way. I am very grateful and a true believer in the power of chiropractic performed by able doctors!

– Mary C.

I came to Dr. Zac shortly after my 30th birthday this year. I was experiencing low back pain that wrapped around my hip into the front of my thigh. This is in addition to the frequent headaches and migraines I would get. By about May (2 months later) my symptoms had almost completely disappeared. With the stretches and consistent adjustments, Dr. Zac had helped me live a healthier, happier life. My headache and migraine frequency dropped from 3-4 times per week to 1-2 times per month and the pain in my hip and thigh was completely gone. I’ve been to neurologists, family medical practitioners and other medical physicians. However, none have brought the relief that I found under Dr. Zac’s care.

– Diana C.

I came to Dr. Zac in October of 2012 with severe upper and mid back pain with numbness radiating into both arms on occasion. Dr. Zac patiently explained the entire chiropractic process to me and I began treatment. Within a few weeks I was pain free and continue to be pain free 1.5 years later.

– Adam M.

In 2003, I was in a horrible car accident, putting me in a coma & on life support for 2 weeks. After I recovered I had chronic low back pain and herniated discs that kept getting worse. I tried other chiropractors, physical therapy, injections, multiple pain medications- which caused other problems. I felt like nothing worked & I was at the end of my rope. It affected every part of my life! The pain meds & pain itself made me very irritable. My work and family life suffered because of it. Now I am almost off all my pain medications, I have never felt this good in year. I am so happy to be NOT hurting, I can’t even put it into words! Everyone at the office is like family to me- they dig deep to find out exactly what is going on with you. They gave me the hope I had always been praying for. This has changed my life!

– Justin W.

I was diagnosed with chronic migraines when I was 17 years old. I suffered for over a year. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong so they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia too. I wasn’t able to do anything. I went to see several medical doctors, neurologists and was put on almost 30 different medications.  I tried supplements from the health store and NOTHING was working! I missed so much school and I was always in a bad mood because I was in so much pain. I didn’t go out or do anything. I couldn’t sleep or sit, I was miserable. My family was at the end of their rope, desperately looking for help. My mom’s coworker is a current patient and told her I would benefit from going. A month after getting adjusted my migraines started to decrease and eventually stopped completely. I no longer take any medications. My family and social life are much better, I am pain free and able to function normally again. I loving coming to the office, I feel so much better!

– Amanda M.

I wasn’t able to sleep and had high blood pressure. I had been experiencing many problems since I had a stroke when I was 10 years old…that was 12 years ago. After the stroke I was unable to sleep, I had high blood pressure, severe psoriasis and was color blind. Growing up was difficult because of these things. I was put on lot of medication, I took numerous pills each day and nothing helped! Currently, I am medication free! My blood pressure is normal, I can sleep, my skin has cleared…no more psoriasis and I am no longer color blind!! The best part is seeing color… I haven’t seen color since before I had the stroke when I was 10 years old! Thank you to my Pastor who referred me to this amazing place!

– Chrissy K.

I had severe pain in my mid and low back for over 20 years. I had severe digestive issues and threw up every day, multiple times a day for over 15 years.  I was in constant pain and my quality of life was gone! I couldn’t sit, stand, lift or be with my children. I tried everything from pain medicine, other chiropractors with no results. Now, I can sit with no pain and I haven’t thrown up in weeks… and I laugh! I can socialize without being crabby. My kids are able to hug me and I am much happier.

– Herlinda D.