What to Expect

Back PainGetting Started

From the moment you walk into Hawk Nation Chiropractic we want you to feel welcome and know what to expect. Whether you feel sick or healthy, we focus on how to help you create lasting whole-body health.

Our doctors are dedicated to make sure your first experience at Hawk Nation Chiropractic is comfortable and time efficient. Ask your doctor or member of our team if you have questions or concerns at any point during your visit.

During your first visit you will take the time to fill out necessary paperwork for the doctor. If you prefer to save time, you may download, print and fill out your new patient paperwork from the website.  Otherwise, we will provide it for you when you arrive.

After a brief introduction to our clinic you will have your initial consultation with the doctor. During your consult the doctor will determine if our clinic is a good fit for your needs. You will then proceed to your exam, which will include non-invasive, non-radiation spinal scan, posture and range of motion analysis.  Lastly, if necessary, digital x-rays will be taken in order to complete a specific diagnosis.

Schedule an appointment today.  It’s your first step to create lasting, life-changing results!

We realize that mainstream media may be helpful in your journey to achieve health, but we also know how confusing it can be. Our society has become over informed and under educated. We are bombarded by TV commercials, Google, Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs, Pinterest, etc.

 Our goal at Hawk Nation Chiropractic is to simplify this onslaught of information with common sense and easy planning to help you not only stay afloat, but to live a life full of health and happiness.

To help you do this we will provide you with spinal corrective care and the latest techniques in spinal rehabilitation. This will minimize and eliminate pain and illness in the body. We do this by finding interference in the nervous system while addressing and rehabilitating muscular instability. By finding the cause of your problems, we are able to help you develop a plan of action to get and keep you well.

Dr. Zac and Dr. Jena will provide monthly health talks and workshops to guide you on your journey. This will help you sort through all the information out there and utilize only what works.  We will provide you with the latest information and scientific research to help you gain the knowledge necessary for you and your loved ones to get and stay healthy.

Recommendations and tips on spinal correction, nutrition, supplements, fitness and toxicity will help increase your body’s ability to fight and prevent disease.

Whether you are inside our clinic or on our website learning how to reach your health potential, our priority is to give you easy steps with lasting results to live your life to the fullest.

The Value of Your Care

Our health care clinic is designed to get sick people well, but also healthy people healthier. You will see that we are substantially different than most other medical or even chiropractic offices. The natural health community has grasped that science is now proving that natural immunity, the strength and function of the body’s defense mechanisms and the overall vitality of the body are the most important role in pursuing and maintaining a healthy body.

The sad reality of America today is the shattering statistics of what we are becoming. The CDC, American Cancer Society and the National Institute for Health are all starting to recognize that America is one of the sickest countries in the world.

15 million American suffer from chronic headaches

28 million Americans have arthritis

 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women are diagnosed with cancer

1 out of 2 people are diagnosed with heart disease

In 2010, 18.8 million people were diagnosed with diabetes

The U.S. is 5% of the world’s population, but consumes over 75% of all the world’s pharmaceuticals

Antidepressants have skyrocketed 400% in the past 20 years, and today are the number one pharmaceutical drug used in America.

We are sure you can understand our concern…

Our wellness program is designed to introduce a new paradigm about health. Patients learn to eat right, move properly and think well. We offer coaching for people who are looking to improve their lives through proven systems.

Optimal Health Comes from Optimal Function

The body’s master system is the nervous system, as it controls all function. Literally every organ and system in your body, including heartbeat, digestion, breathing, muscle function and hormone balance are all controlled by this system. Your brain sends messages down the spinal cord and through the nerves to all the cells, tissues, muscles and organs…then messages from those cells and organs are returned to the brain. Millions of messages are sent every minute, this is how function and healing are maintained each moment of your life.  Your body was designed for this system to flow fluently and smoothly with no interruptions.  If there are no interruptions, your ability to function and heal is at full capacity.

The nervous system is protected by your skull and vertebrae. When your vertebrae are aligned properly, the messages from your brain to the rest of your body travel uninterrupted.  However, as we all know, life can get in the way. Pain and disease creep up, leaving us wondering what happened to our body. Prolonged sitting, standing, sports injuries, car accidents, traumas, falls, and sedentary lifestyles to name a few, can create misalignment of the spinal column.  When the spine is misaligned it causes nerve inflammation and irritation, which is known as subluxation.  Your doctor will be checking you for subluxations and, if present, will help you correct it.  Whether you are experiencing pain, decreased mobility, digestive issues, immune system issues, chronic fatigue, degenerative diseases, hormonal, mood or behavior issues, your doctor will be able to assess if your nervous system is a contributing factor.  Along with this any nutritional, fitness, toxicity or additional life stressors will be assessed to determine if they can be linked the root cause of your problem.